A good coach is far more valuable than having the latest shiny gadget or the latest smartphone/tablet app…. Thank you David.  I am happy you took your time to share your coaching insights with me. You have shown me I have many reachable opportunities. I look forward to you helping me turn my wishes into reality. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

Ghana B

Having been in the real estate business for the past five years. The information he helps us provide our clients empowers them and gives them the ability to make an informed decision of how to move forward with their property. Extremely valuable!! We are very happy to recommend David Harrison … In fact we do so all the time!

Tina H & Marlene W

When I heard David speak at a seminar, I was so impressed by his sincerity to help struggling business owners. I have been working with David for about a year. Thank you David for your integrity and service at helping me grow my business.

Cathy R

We work with David on a regular basis and he has provided us with a lot of tips about effective marketing and advertising. We have gotten great outcomes for all parties involved. Come and hear him speak.

Willie & Anna G

David…I first heard you as a special guest speaker on a webinar and I was very impressed by your knowledge on the truth about all of the sales scams out there. I have been in business for 24 years now and I have never heard someone as great and knowledgeable as you. I also want to thank you for taking so much time in educating me about this whole process and answered every question I had until I was out of questions. You are truly someone I trust and admire because I know and feel that you are truly genuine and with a great heart & spirit because you truly care. You are a Godsend!  Thank you always for your time and taking my calls when I needed help and advice. All the best…and MANY good days to you and your family.

Fatima M

David is an excellent business coach whose excitement and passion is addicting and motivating!  I am a business owner that often struggled with looking for (the next best thing) and David’s coaching strategy greatly simplified my perspective and my business to focus on what truly matters and what truly pays. His simplified coaching strategies lead me to 4 new clients in less than 2 months. It also led me to build new relationships with professionals in my industry that I never had the opportunity to have before.  Now, not only is my name and brand growing with my clients, it is also growing throughout my industry. This allows me to serve even more people than I ever have previously. I would highly recommend David no matter what level of business owner you are!

Kevin S

Hello David, first off…thank you for taking my phone call and thank you for the “WOW” factor of your help. This concept is huge and makes total sense. If anybody who owns a business…I highly suggest you take a look and work with David! Thanks David and I look forward to your help in growing my business this year.

Rick B

I really appreciate all of your help, you definitely know what you are talking about and you know it through and through. If it wasn’t for you I would have never had the confidence and courage to effectively market and prospect for new clients. Again thanks to you and your knowledge that you have given me.

Manny M

I want to take this opportunity to thank you David for helping my business grow. I will continue to recommend you.

Robin A

I was skeptical at the beginning and you came through with everything you told me was going to happen. Thank you… now I have 2 new clients!

Ileana A

Thank you for the time you gave me to help me with my business. You helped me clarify some things I was having a challenge with. We got right into the meat of the matter when you showed me the 4 specific items I needed to work on. Your explanation of those items was clear and concise. The action items (one I have already begun to implement), were just what I needed to get over the slump I have experienced this winter. I am sure I will be hitting my production numbers now. I appreciate your patience and wisdom. You are a good teacher.

Rusty H

As I have struggled to gain a clear vision for creating a plan for hiring new salespeople in the coming new year. A conversation with David Harrison put all things into perspective. He offered me very sound and useful advice in this area that I was able to take and put into an action plan for successfully hiring and retaining new sales professionals this year. Thank you David for your insight and I look forward to working with you in developing further strategic planning as I grow and expand my new business brand.

Lynetta C

I find David’s sales training and business services to be an asset to my business and I look forward to working with him more.

Tammy B

This service is going above and beyond. Thanks again for your assistance. This is a great resource for my business.

Shelly S

I wanted to share with everyone that this program works! Learning the importance of following up and following through with each and every potential client has substantially and immediately increased my sales. I can’t express how important it is to follow up!

Bernadette S

My business suffered for years in the red. David Harrison put me on a successful path to increasing my business. I cannot be more pleased with the service that David offers. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, be sure to connect with David. It’s the only way to optimize your production!

Thomas G

David Harrison is tremendous to work with! His encyclopedic knowledge is invaluable to me and to my prospective clients. His marketing programs are very cutting edge and effective, far surpassing any other marketing programs that I’ve ever used. David is extremely generous with his time and expertise and takes the time to answer my questions truthfully and completely. He does not make promises that he cannot keep. Instead, he is very forthright and upfront with me. I look forward to working with David for many years to come.

Colleen C

I have worked with other business coaches before like Craig Proctor and Joe Stumpf and have not found the level of care and attention David gives to me personally. He spends as much time as I need explaining how his system works and what I need to know to get the best results possible. He genuinely cares about me and my success as a business owner. His marketing systems have proven to exceed my goals of 3 new clients a month to 6 new clients a month!

Elissa V

David Harrison has helped me to envision a clear path to achieving my goals of business success and financial rewards.  He has provided concrete, step-by-step instructions for how I can increase my revenue and make a better impression on my clients and prospects. I highly recommend David’s services and insights to any business owner who wants to improve their business results.

Jesse S

As a person with an engineering background I look at the world primarily through the technology lens so I needed an expert in marketing and sales to complement my skills in order to grow my business. David Harrison is that expert. He has opened up a world of opportunities by helping me develop and implement a marketing and sales strategy. My business and services have grown substantially over the past six months and I am now seeing direct results from his guidance, which is taking my company to the next level!

Jason L

I have been a business owner for more than 13 years and I have found that having a great coach is crucial for any business owner’s success. Plus, every time I listened to a business owner talk about their business, they always had a coach. I have tried just about every major coaching program out there, and I have been dissatisfied with the fact that after the coaching call is over, I still have an overwhelming amount of work to do and I feel like I can’t do it by myself. David Harrison has set up a perfect coaching program for what I need.  Not only does he coach me on what I need to do to double my business, but he also has the resources to HELP me get done what I need to get done. I don’t’ just talk to him once a week and that’s it. I get much more than that. I get to work with him and his resources and staff during the week as well as we work on putting websites together, marketing campaigns, videos, you name it, David has the team of technology geeks to help me get it done. David is not just committed to get on the phone with you once a week, he is truly committed to helping you double your business no matter what it takes. I highly recommend that any business owner hire David for their coaching needs to help take their business to the next level.

Kevin S

I wanted to take a moment to let other business owners know that my 45-minute talk recently with David not only got me confident to use David’s program, it also got me my first big client. I started using David’s programs though was not consistent. I knew my results were because of my reluctance to get out in the field and talk to prospective clients. So, two weeks ago, I started visiting 9 potential clients per week.  So far, I have yielded one new client and several others are very interested in doing business with us. Point is, the program works. You just have to “DO IT”. Think of it this way, if you can talk to 9 potential clients per week, it is realistic to think you can close at least 2 per week. We are… Thank you David.

Larry I

Thank you so much! I’m a believer.

Christine P