About Us

Proven Sales Solutions was founded by David Harrison in 2017. David is a serial entrepreneur and an avid student of results driven sales training, business coaching, consulting and mentoring principals.

David has personally helped hundreds of business owners reach their ultimate business success faster and easier.

Since he was in his twenties he has started several successful businesses from the ground up and sold them all for a nice profit. He also gives back to the business community by providing hundreds of hours of free help to business owners who can’t afford the services.

Clients see success in the following areas:

  • 70% see over a 100% increase in sales and/or profits within 12 months
  • 54% see a reduction in overhead costs
  • 92% see improved relationships in the workplace and at home
  • 86% see improved work culture and moral
  • 96% see an improvement in their communication skills
  • 75% see an immediate increase in positive customer reviews
  • 65% see a significant improvement in their leadership skills
David Harrison Business Portrait - Proven Sales Solutions